Rows of Easy Chair 01sStack of Chair 01Top view of Stool 01Detail of chair 01Auditorium full of 01 collection pieces01 Chair top viewRow of 01 collectionRow of armrest chairsDetail of stacked Chair 01Detail of stool 01Bench 01 and Stool 01 stacked

01 Collection Client: Frama Year: 2022

Interior scenario composed for the expansion of FRAMA’s 01 Collection, first designed in 2018. A warm tonal environment showcasing the collection’s strong silhouette, highlighting how each birch finish can be combined.

Services: Art direction, CGI Still Image, 3D Visualisation

Team: Lewis Graham, Fredrik Aartun

WEST TIMBER COURT is a creative 3D and moving image studio founded by Lewis Graham, with a focus on imaginary spaces.

His work focuses on the soft tension between digital & analogue, aiming to imbue a sense of humanity into the technological realm. Gentle distortions and subtle interventions help to inform his practice, underpinned with an appreciation for materiality, texture, and honest expression.

The studio is London-based, with clients worldwide. Full project capsules and portfolio are available upon request.

Project enquiries: @westtimbercourt